How I Make My Paleo Shopping List

When it comes to being on the Paleo diet, it can be a little tricky to make sure you get everything that you need. We are so used to filling our diets with crap that we forget how to truly eat. This poses a problem when it comes time to pick out what we need for the week, but it also means we shop fresh every single week. Coming up with a paleo shopping guide can be easier than it seems.

foods-to-buy-for-paleoAt first I used a chart online to make sure everything I was getting fit well within the diet, but now I don’t really need it at all. I check the fridge to make sure I am replacing everything that I have used. Eating Paleo generally means I need the same building blocks for everything over the course of each week. Something that makes life really simple.

Because we don’t buy anything boxed, it all fits within the fridge in a much easier manner. I have a few boxes in the fridge to hold all of the food, this keeps it so I can have everything organized. I note down how much I need to keep every box full and then head to the store.…

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