Warts No More – Instantly

Warts No More – Instantly

cure-warts-wart-removerWarts are skin growths that occur most often on fingers or hands caused by papilloma virus (HPV) infection. They should be differentiated from the sexually transmitted variety (genital warts), which are caused by other HPV strains. There are over 100 different types of warts as mentioned previously which include common, flat, plantar, periungual and filiform warts. Warts usually disappear on their own but it may take years. However, you shouldn’t have to wait for that; warts can be removed quickly.

There is a variety of options if you want to remove warts quickly and if you ever heard of over-the-counter wart removers like Wartrol, then you can read the best Wartrol reviews here. Treatments for warts exist such as home remedies and surgery. For instant treatments, one could try home remedies such as applying Salicylic-acid or covering warts with duct tape.

If you have the money to pay for surgery, here are other ways on how to cure warts:

Surgical removal

Doctors will cut around the wart to remove it. Local anesthesia may be necessary and the process may cause some scars.

Laser surgery

You can get rid of warts by using CO2 lasers or electric lasers. This procedure is usually done if the warts haven’t reacted to much simpler treatments. CO2 lasers basically vaporize the wart, causing it to burn and swell. Then the body’s immune system’s reaction would be to destroy the wart and heal the skin from within. These procedures, however, are not always advised to be done when removing warts. Given that the cause of warts is a virus, they may recur even after a surgical treatment. Note that warts may disappear for good but sometimes, they may recur even after a successful treatment.